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Dr. Jwala Prasad Mishra Govt. Sc. College Mungeli was established in the Month of October 1986. The college is registered under the rule 2[f] and 12-B of UGC. It is affiliated to Bilaspur University, Bilaspur C.G. This College was established to provide an educational environment in the regional level.

Post graduate Classes for Chemistry and Mathematics will start from Session 2013-14.
Formerly it was called as Govt science college Mungeli,(C.G.). As per the reference of letter no. F/73-1/165/2003/38 Raipur dated 29.08.2003 from government of C.G. the name of the institute is changed as Dr. Jwala Prasad Mishra government science College, Mungeli named to honor the great freedom fighter Dr Jwala Prasad Mishra, Who was renowned freedom fighter of this region. This college is situated in a socially and economically challenged area.

The college campus is situated in Dulhinbay village on Navagarh- Road. Students of this region are getting benefit of studying basic sciences and get familiar with the fundamentals of these subjects. The basic infrastructural facilities inspite of several constraints are broad enough as far as undergraduate studies are concerned .

At present, at under graduate level only the subjects belonging to the basic sciences are being taught to the students. This faculty includes the following subjects- Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics. Students of Biology stream have to study Botany, Zoology, Chemistry as main subjects and rest of the all students have to learn Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry as main subjects. Along with this all the students have to study foundation course as compulsory subject .


Listed below our courses!!

From The Principal's Desk

महाविद्यालय का सुव्यवस्थित संचालन

शासन की मंशा के अनुरूप चूंकि प्राचार्य प्रशासनिक प्रमुख होने के अलावा मूलतः शिक्षक होता है अतः उसे स्वयं कक्षाएं लेकर पठन-पाठनको प्रोत्साहित करना चाहिए। हमने लगातार बखूबी यही कार्य किया। कला, विज्ञान, गृह विज्ञान और वाणिज्य में पर्यावरण तथा कला स्नातक प्रथम, द्वितीय और तृतीय कक्षाओं में संस्कृत का अध्यापन किया। चूँकि युवाशक्ति कक्षाओं के अंदर ऊर्जा के रचनात्मक उपयोग में व्यस्त रही, इसलिए कॉलेज परिसर में अनुशासनहीनता नहीं फाटक पायी। प्राचार्य द्वारा शैक्षणिक स्टाफ के समक्ष समय पर आने, पूरे समय तक कॉलेज में रहने तथा स्वयं कक्षाएं भी लेने से जो उदाहरण प्रस्तुत किये, उनसे यह तथ्य पुनः उभर कर सामने आये कि कक्षाएं नियमित ठीक से चलें तो अन्य समस्यायें या अव्यवस्थायें स्वतः समाप्त हो जाती है। संस्था के सुव्यवस्थित संचालन में यह प्रक्रिया बड़ी सहायक सिद्ध हुई है। पूरे स्टाफ के सहयोग से सकारात्मक वातावरण बना है।

Dr. Anil Mushrif- Principal


Here are we showcase our awesome Faculties

Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh
Dr. Rita bajpai
Assistant Professor
Mr. S.K. Tiwari
Assistant Professor
Mr. D.S. Tandan
Assistant Professor
Mr. Narrottam Purale
Assistant Professor
Mr. Hemant Kashyap
Assistant Professor
Dr. Alka Dubey
Assistant Professor


We provide best curriculum and pedagogy along with the highest quality of education courses!

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Online Application Started for M.Sc Courses from 08-07-2017
M.Sc (Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology) No. of Seats in each subject : 25
Online Application Starts from 01 June 2017
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Yoga Day Celebration on 21st June 2017 from 07.00 AM

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