Mission and Vision

"To show the path towards the divine blessings “VISHVAKALYANAYA VIGYANAM” through the pursuit of science and instil in the students the values of self-discipline, respectful countenance and a positive attitude, and lead them to a new horizon of knowledge to foster a spirit to make good teachers, good researchers, scientists and technologists to reach the zenith of intellectual achievement and personal growth to the ultimate drive of human society and beyond.”


  • Human welfare should be the ultimate goal of science because, in the end, we will not be the inhabitants of the same world whose actions affect our next generation.
  • To provide an opportunity for a qualitative education to the students so that they can play a positive constructive role in an educated society.
  • To make aware, the students of the society who are economically and academically backwards, the significance and worth of higher education. To ensure that higher education is available to all, and the backward class of society gets equal opportunity.
  • In this scientific age, to inculcate a scientific understanding and to produce skilled personalities in this region to serve mankind. 
  • Providing an environment to the stakeholders to strengthen self-confidence, feeling of equality and embark an attitude of research where men and women play a vital role in a welfare society filled with knowledge.
  • All the activities of the college will be focused on inspiring the students for building a society where the right to equality and dignity of the personality is observed. 

The vision of the institution is anticipated by the personalities of the Mungeli region with the “VISHVAKALYANAYA VIGYANAM”  inscribed in the college logo, displayed in the college prospectus, application forms and other documents, printed and published by the college.