“Library  is a  heart  of an institution"

                                                                                                                        -  Dr. S. R. Radhakrishnan

The College library has a collection  of  more than 12000 books of related to science subjects which full fill the needs of students and teachers. Presently reading room is attached with library where students can study various books, magazines, newspapers etc. The automation of library is need of present era but it costs too much. Due to lack of sufficient fund the college has decided to automate library using KOHA which is free and open source software. Library is partially automated with the leading library management software KOHA ILMS. It provides user friendly interface for searching resources available in the library. The library has Web-OPAC which provides remote access(only intranet) to its resources within the college campus.

KOHA ILMS Software

Name of the ILMS software:- KOHA

Nature of automation:- Partially automated

Version: -UBUNTU-12.04

Year of Automation:- 2016 

The library has a subscription of N-List (National Library and information services Infrastructure for Scholarly Contents) for e-journals and e-books. N-List provides accessibility of more than 6,000+ e-journals, more than 1,64,300+ e-books and 6,00,000 e-books through NDL. It provides full-text access of e-books and e-journals. Our college library is also a member of NDL which has a collection of more than 6 lakh e-books.

Our college library has made a digital repository of question papers, syllabus, e-books etc. The college conducts library stock verification at the end of every year and identifies the books for weeding out because of uselessness in syllabus or physical damage. These books are removed from library collection after approval of competent authority. Every year new books are added for it the fund is given by the government.